Glitter Balls

I am a Strictly Come Dancing devotee – and have been for some years, thus seeing Ann Widdecombe, John Sergeant, etc strut their wares in the name of entertainment. And this year has been no different. Ed Balls, sadly eliminated last night, once again split the British electorate. Having been a controversial figure in politics he transferred that ability to divide once again by taking to the dance floor.

I found his dancing dreadfully entertaining and take my hat off to him. Many thought it unfair that he remained in the competition for so long whilst other more talented dancers were voted off; the fact of the matter is, it is a popularity contest – if it was based purely on dancing ability, then the public vote would not be so important in finding a winner.

Having said that, is there any way back into politics for the gyrating ex-MP, and would he want to come back to the endless taunts from his detractors? I imagine not, but then look at the likes of Michael Portillo who lost his seat in similarly unpleasant circumstances, and has gone on to carve out a successful television presenting career, not just talking politics but trains too. So there is hope for Ed Balls that he has a glittering future ahead of him and for those of us who have been entertained by his antics, that he will not disappear from our screen completely.

An unplanned retirement is rather hard to adjust to, many MPs who have lost their seats unexpectedly have so often said. So I say good to luck to Ed for grabbing life by the balls and taking opportunities that present themselves to him. Not everyone has the ability to juggle a jive at the same time as being a senior fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, visiting professor to the Policy Institute at King’s College London, and Norwich City FC Chairman – thank goodness he didn’t make it all the way to the final, otherwise how would he has found the time to fit it all in, whilst helping Yvette stuff her numerous Christmas cards.

Saturday nights I imagine will continue to entertain me now that Balls has danced into the sunset, and by taking part in the hugely popular show, the former Shadow Chancellor may very well find he has considerably more supporters than previously.