There will be times when you need to communicate your aims to those outside Westminster – or when you need to convince decision-makers of the wider impact of political decisions.

Clear, jargon-free communication is vital to establishing campaign credibility. This is the case whether we need to build public awareness before mobilising it; update trade association members on parliamentary activity; or help shape public perceptions to encourage a change in Government opinion.

We advise our clients on when it is appropriate to use public relations as a lobbying tool. There will always be a clear strategic need. Some public affairs campaigns never need PR. For others – when well devised, targeted and timed – it is a vital aspect.

In using PR for your political campaign, we will:

  • Develop specific objectives
  • Manage information strategically
  • Use only the most appropriate media – we’ll start by looking at who you need to communicate with and go from there
  • Approach the media in a controlled way – at the right moment and with a clear story to tell
  • Be responsive to changing attitudes and work with you to address or reinforce them