Recess is over and the political kids are back in Westminster

MPs returned to Westminster yesterday after summer recess. It will be nice to see some political activity; since Easter recess and campaigning began in earnest for the EU referendum, it seems like there has been very little going on in Westminster. Well, any legislative progress at any rate.

In fact you could say that there has been more upheaval since 23rd June than at any other point in the last 5 years. Not only do we have a new Prime Minister, but a Government with a very different ‘face’ and direction.

The Green Party, in an attempt to go one better, elected joint leaders last week, Caroline Lucas and …. Well I am sure we will all get to know him once he has stepped out of Lucas’ shadow.

And of course, the Labour Party’s leadership re-run. No doubt Corbyn will hang on, but if nothing else this challenge will improve the future political fortunes of Owen Smith (at least people know who he is now).

Cynical? Yes I am a little, but I have been working in politics for a long time and my thinking is fashioned by events. In a time when the UK not only needs stability but firm and decisive action, the headlines should be about progress on Bills in Parliament and positive messaging on triggering Article 50, not the squabbling between Liam Fox and Boris Johnson and the inability of the Labour Party to provide an effective opposition. Rather than rhetoric from the Prime Minister about closing the attainment gap and giving greater life chances to the disadvantaged, I want to see action.

Let’s hope that we see some inspired debate and decisive headway on the positive words from our new Prime Minister less than a couple of months ago – something to blow away the summer lethargy and re-invigorate decision makers and policy advisers so that as we head towards Christmas and into 2017 we can genuinely look to the future with confidence.