Queen’s Speech 2016: The snap judgement

There’s a sense of de ja vu with this Queen’s Speech.

Looking back to Ranelagh’s summary of last year’s offering, there is much that is repeated. Is this symptomatic of a Government that is struggling to carry forward its legislative agenda, or of a Government committed to reform, however long it takes? Time will need to be the judge of that.

On policy specifics, this was a Queen’s Speech focused on ‘chances’.

Life chances of those in the care system will be placed at the forefront by a new Adoption Bill. The opportunity for offenders to rebuild their lives will be central to prison reform. And increased competition in Higher Education should improve the options for those furthering their prospects through study. The Queen also announced new indicators for measuring life chances.

This was also a speech that placed an emphasis on twenty first century concerns, with the first three policy announcements being universal high speed broadband, a focus on digital technology and a focus on innovation such as driverless cars.

And perhaps the most twenty first century inclusion?

A short line right at the end of the Queen’s Speech: “My ministers will uphold the sovereignty of Parliament and the primacy of the House of Commons.”

House of Lords reform would appear to be on its way……