Sector Expertise

Ranelagh has provided professional services to a variety of organisations, such as trade associations, charities, companies and think tanks. We have in-depth experience of sectors and related policy areas including:


Ranelagh has a wealth of knowledge in education and children's policy. We have advised major educational trade associations, assessment providers, publishers and technology companies.

We have established relationships with Government ministers, the Education Select Committee, key party education spokespeople and civil servants in Whitehall. Since 2010, education policy reform has been a constant on the political landscape. For any organisation that wishes to engage in this process, or simply ensure that its interests are protected, expertly applied political intelligence is the key. Our experience means that your strategy is safe in our hands.

Energy & Environment

Having worked in a number of different energy disciplines, Ranelagh can give support where needed to speak to the right people across Government and the devolved administrations.

There is a fear that the green agenda will slip from the Government’s key policy priorities as it strives to keep the economy on track. With the publication of the Bonfield Review, the move away from coal fired power stations, and nuclear power remaining on the agenda, Ranelagh has a considerable understanding of energy and environmental policy that can help you make sure your voice is heard in a crowded marketplace.

New energy technologies will be instrumental in satisfying our future energy needs and a strong knowledge of the renewable energy sector will give anyone trying to get their voice heard a substantial advantage.


Whether in schools or businesses or planning how the future workforce will be managed, technology is ever-present and is having an increasing importance on the
world of work.

Tech can have such a positive impact on how a child learns, how a business is run or how an apprentice is trained. Ranelagh has worked with a number of educational, creative and environmental organisations where we have demonstrated the positive impact technology can have.

Creative Industries

Contributing almost £10 million an hour to the UK economy, the creative industries are a crucial component of the UK’s cultural and economic life. Yet they are so often overlooked.

Through our work for a client in the Programme Making and Special Events sector, we have demonstrated time and time again the vital contribution that the entertainment industry makes to UK plc. Ranelagh’s contacts at Ofcom and DCMS are unrivalled and we know how and who to speak to so that microphones are not needed to make voices heard.

Construction & Planning

Ranelagh has worked on a number projects bringing together and educating key influencers, such as local authorities, local business groups, residents’ associations and local Members of Parliament.

In planning, it is essential to demonstrate the benefits of a project to each interested party whilst demonstrating the overall advantages it would bring to the local area and its community. Balancing these demands is a skill we have developed over a number of years and in which we have had considerable success.


As Britain negotiates Brexit, it is essential that the UK’s pharmaceutical industry maintains a strong and secure supply chain. Knowledge of how the sector operates and trades within and beyond the EU is imperative.

The pharma sector is diverse yet hugely competitive, and at the same time can be much maligned. Ranelagh has gained a deep insight in to the sector through working with a leading independent pharmaceutical company on issues including the importation of raw materials and the impact of drug driving legislation on patients.